power of attorney is applicable in MCX?

Is MCX have rules like power of attorney?(This means exchange members can do trade without client knowledge)


i opened account in one of the mcx trade company in Coimbatore. They get lot of sign when i open account. i asked why getting lot of sign, they told its just for an account opening form. then i invest 4.4 lake. they trade in my account without my permission and lost amount 2.6 lakes. i was going to ask about loss , they told you gave a power of attorney so don’t ask about loss , we have rights do to anythink in your account…
By: ramakrishnan

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  1. The brokerage company name is procon advisiory services india pvt ltd in coimbatore. they are cheating lot of members like me. how i can take an legal action?

  2. i never heard that from my experience, i have been with 3 brokers… never faced such problem… this is totally bull shit…

    which brokerage ? name it… if you have that copy, then check that with advocates…

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