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I am Narendra joshi. A trader and investor. I follow rules of technical analysis and apply these on highly traded futures on commodities, index and Indian equity market. I work for full time traders, provide them REAL TIME market trend and Price levels on MCX Commodity market and also provide a general view of Indian equity market and Index.

Top 5 Technical Analysis Tools used for Trading

November 24, 2015 Narendra Joshi 3

Technical Analysis can be defined as an art and science of forecasting future prices based on the past price movements. Technical analysis is based on analyzing demand-supply of stocks, indices, commodities, futures or any tradable instrument. Traders use this study to predict price of tradable instruments which also includes information like prices, volumes and open interest on a chart and applying various patterns and indicators to it. Traders can predict trend, support and resistance levels, entry and exit levels using technical analysis. —-Technical analysis is the attempt to forecast the prices on the basis of market-derived data. —-Technical  Analyst usually [Continue Reading]