The Equicom Wealth Maker – Commodity Tips Provider

January 19, 2012 MCX Trader 3

The Equicom provide the best commodity and equity tips through technical analysis and research. We are having a team of analyst who are masters in their own segment. We provide stock tips, commodity tips, intraday tips, nifty tips. The calls are given on intraday and positional basis. We also provide tips in commodity market including base metals, precious metals and energies along with agri tips. For Our free Services just click here! Or just call us :- +91-9200009266 By: The Equicom

power of attorney is applicable in MCX?

January 15, 2012 MCX Trader 2

Is MCX have rules like power of attorney?(This means exchange members can do trade without client knowledge) description: i opened account in one of the mcx trade company in Coimbatore. They get lot of sign when i open account. i asked why getting lot of sign, they told its just for an account opening form. then i invest 4.4 lake. they trade in my account without my permission and lost amount 2.6 lakes. i was going to ask about loss , they told you gave a power of attorney so don’t ask about loss , we have rights do to [Continue Reading]

How To Choose a Commodity Broker?

August 14, 2011 MCX Trader 12

Choosing a commodity broker is the first step in your trading. There are plenty of commodity brokers in India. Each brokers have their unique feature in attracting the customer to open account. Some brokers give lowest broking fee but fails in other features. A trader should not see only the broking fee but there are many other features.   Simple whether you’re a business associate or an individual trader first stick on to quality and professional setups based brokers. Check for standard professional advisory. Advisory will defined the standard of a broker, not just giving a buy call or sell [Continue Reading]

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